My ex and I had been married for 13 years before we decided to divorce. It was a very messy and bitter divorce, mainly because he was being extremely unfair. I cannot regret our marriage though because I would not have my four children otherwise. I knew that I needed to hire top family law attorneys because my husband, at that time, wanted the children, the house, our other properties, and the majority of our banking accounts. He was being gracious by allowing me to have my vehicle and all the clothes he had bought me.

While that was the kind of man he was at the time of our divorce, it certainly was not the man I had married. We had no money then, so our love was enough. The more we made in some real estate investments though, the more he changed. Money became more important than his family, and I finally had enough of it. I couldn’t even remember the last time he had been to a school function, it had been that long. The last family vacation we took was when I was pregnant with our second child, which was ten years ago.

I did not want that kind of life for my children, and I did not want them being raised by a nanny just so he could be vindictive and hurt me. Thankfully, I found a great attorney who was able to fight for my rights as well as the rights of my children. They were very afraid that they would have to live with their father because of things he had said, but they didn’t even really know him that well. My attorney was able to give all of us a peace of mind that just didn’t exist through all of this chaos. Not only are the children with me, but we are still living in the only home they have known, and I am financially secure as well. Life is different now, but it is also much better.

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