Florida’s Phosphate Industry Officials Display Little Concern For Florida Riparian Waterways

0The state of Florida supports riparian waterways as public domain by law. Riparian waterways are defined as rivers, stream, lakes, marshes, bogs, aquifers, springs, or any navigable waterway above or below ground, including freshwater and saltwater. For instance, one navigates a canoe from a riparian (public) river into a small spring that is surrounded by multiple landowners encompassing the land around the spring. Riparian water rights grant anyone the right to canoe, swim, boat, or just spend leisure time anchored just off the shoreline of the spring.

Following the example above, imagine one scuba diving into the aquifer feeding the spring through an opening between the rocks in an underground (riparian) cavern filled with crystal clear water that also traverses property bounds above. Once in the cavern, one can cross property bounds with riparian (public) waterway rights (2). The examples of riparian waterways described above do exist all over central Florida. Florida’s phosphate industry officials know this as well.

Phosphate industry officials know the irreparable environmental damage caused by strip mining riparian waterways. Florida’s phosphate industry officials buy television commercials showing wholesome industry practices that

How Does an Attorney Get Named a Super Lawyers Rising Star

polMany clients searching for an attorney to work with in their local area use resources such as listings and rankings of the best attorneys for specific areas of law. One of the most common is Super Lawyers, which puts together state by state lists and designations across the legal spectrum.

Here, learn more about the Super Lawyers Rising Star honor, what it means, and how it gets awarded. That will give you further clarity into what it means to work with an attorney who has received the designation.

The Rising Star status is awarded by the organization to no more than 2.5 percent of all attorneys in the specified region or state. That offers a very slim total pool of individuals who will receive the designation each year.

Attorneys who get named on this list must first be either formally or informally nominated. They then go through what has become a patented selection process to narrow down the list of candidates. More than a dozen factors are considered and evaluated, incorporating professional achievement, peer recognition, and a range of additional indicators.

After this, there’s still a further round

Justice And Its Types

juJustice relates to the determination of the right thing based on the common sense and the facts and evidence available. In the present world, the administration of justice assumes more importance owing to the competitions and complexities arising from the development and civilization. It is found even among the Gods. There are so many incidents to quote from the scriptures. Hinduism has produced many manuscripts and treatises on the administration of justice. Arthasasthra written by Chanakya of Gupta dynasty and Manusmriti are two popular sources for the righteous dispensation of justice followed in ancient India.

According to the Hindu mythology, Brahma the Creator was put behind the bars by Muruga the younger son of God Shiva, for not knowing the meaning of AUM that is the basis of the Universe (known as the Pranav Mantra in Sanskrit). The same Brahma was cursed by Shiva as “Not to be worshiped by anyone in the world” as punishment for his bluffing during a duel between Vishnu and him. Lord Krishna who made the divine discourse Bhagavad Gita during the Kurushetra battle of Mahabarath fame, was cursed by