4If you have been sued by your debt collector in court, it is advisable that you should take the help of an attorney. It is vital to remember that those who are sued by this type of collector may not always owe it because there is possibility that they often may be victims of identity fraud and that they may be held responsible for it that they do not owe. This article will highlight on a few essential tips that you should follow in order to defend this kind of lawsuit in the best possible way.

Respond to the complaint

Those who are sued by this type of collector often do not give prompt replies to the complaints that they receive from the court. If you cannot pay your debt, it is advisable that you should at least give quick reply to the complaint that is issued by the court. However, if you do not respond quickly, there is possibility that the court will order a judgment that may not go in favor of you. In fact, he will get the scope to compel you to pay court charges, fees of the attorney and other expenses.

Challenge this type of lawsuit

The next step that you should follow is to send the request to the court to dismiss this type of case as quickly as possible. However, in order to do so it is vital that you should be able to prove that though you have been sued by him there is possibility that he actually does not have the necessary evidence to prove your guilt.

Use the Statute of Limitations for Defense

The Statue of the limitation is a law that is passed by a legislative authority in order to determine the total time period within which any kind of legal proceeding may be initiated in the best possible way. If the statute of limitations ends and if he still sues you, it is advisable that you should use it in your own defense. This type of collector may get a time period of five or six years in order to sue you in order to collect your debt.

Review the necessary documents offered by the debt collector

Just because your debt collector provides the documents it does not mean that these documents are necessary in order to win this type of case. For instance, he may offer a statement of the account that highlights advertisements that did not at all exist. He may even produce the statement of the credit card along with the advertisement for a product that did not at all exist.

Consult an attorney

You may be hesitant to contact your attorney if you are sued by this type of collector because you are unable to pay your debt within the scheduled period of time. It is advisable that you should consult a proficient attorney who offer you valuable suggestions and who can also represent you in the court.

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